Elopement Wedding Photography: Pricing and Value

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Price is what we pay, and value is what we get. It is not different for a niche space like elopement photography pricing where there are a lot of factors that influence the costs. 

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Elopement Wedding Photography: Pricing and Value 3

What is an elopement wedding?

The word elope meant running away. But the term elopement wedding is no longer representative of couples who run away to get married, In most cases, both sides’ families are involved in the complete planning of the event.

Elopement wedding is a redefined phrase where there is no stress for big arrangements. There is a close-knit affair involving just a few guests for the nuptials and ceremonies. 

Why do modern couples choose to elope?

Elopement weddings have a range of benefits that fit the expectations of couples who want an intimate, close-knit gathering of friends and family on their special day to witness them through ceremonies. The reason why couples prefer elopement weddings depends on one or all of the benefits that attract them. They are 

  • Meaningful gathering

Couples like to be less stressed about high-end family dramas at weddings. Big gatherings can be daunting when both bride and groom can recognize less than twenty members on each side. In trying to play the perfect host, a couple cannot focus on the most important part- them.

Elopement weddings have a limited guest list of the people who feature as a support system for the bride and groom. They are happy to take their seats and not sides in the event of any emotional altercation to avoid drama. 

  • The location can be scenic

Couples who elope concentrate on taking beautiful pictures of their wedding against a great view. Some wander deep into a forest, and few climb a cliff overseeing the ocean. The location of these weddings is limited only by the imagination and budget to travel up to the place. If the weather does not spoil the event, some of the best pictures of a lifetime can be clicked against the backdrop. 

  • Environment friendly

Low-key weddings generate less waste in the form of extra food, more decor, and single-use plastic that can burden the environment. People who are conscious of the ecosystem also adopt measures to see that their wedding is as eco-friendly as possible.

  • Flexible budget

An elopement wedding is not necessarily a shoestring budget affair. It just offers options for the couple to spend as per their means and requirements. If they feel they want to focus on elopement wedding photography more than wine and multiple entrees in food, then it is their choice. 

How do you choose an elopement wedding photographer?

Wedding photography whether it is traditional or elopement is like any other service that involves man hours, expertise, knowledge, skill, professionalism, ability to deliver, and most important a competitive price that matches their craft. 

A wedding photographer can charge more if there is more work involved. For instance, a wedding planned in the city park where the couple first met is less expensive than one that needs the photographer to travel to the coast with a view. If the adventure level increases, chances are that price also will. 

Apart from the itinerary and travel requirements, the rest of the cost is determined by their expertise level and man hours spent on the assignment. If you are going to cover their tickets and choose to book them, then you can concentrate on paying for expertise and work time. 

Like any professional, a photographer can also be classified as a beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert as per the experience gained. 

A beginner is most probably an amateur trying to gain some experience and will agree to the assignment for less than $500-700, unlike experienced photographers. An expert in any profession usually has more than 5000 hours of experience and can help the couple with ideas to bring out the best in the frame.  

Summing up:

Often the price is the only factor people consider when choosing a photographer. However, one has to understand that weddings are a one-time affair. Deciding to go with a person who understands the moods and personalities of their subject and can capture candid moments is very important to highlight the best in a picture.

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