How to Keep Rats and Mice Out of Your Attic and Basement in Irvine

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Mice and rats are pests that want to make the attic of your house their new dwelling. Coming across any of these unwanted guests in your house can be frustrating. If you don’t take preventative steps for Irvine pest control, you can encourage rodent activity in your attic and basement. Unfortunately, rodents can cause damage to your home or pose health risks. To prevent them from infiltrating your house, keep reading:

How to Keep Rodents Out

To keep rodents out of your basement or attic, clean this space thoroughly. Get rid of any clutter or trash. Pests such as rats and mice can hide and nest in debris and trash. Use householder cleaners like bleach to disinfect the area, particularly if you can find urine stains or droppings.

While you clean and disinfect the attic or basement, put other items you must store in sealable containers that do not have access points for rodents. Ideally, these bins must be stored on a storage unit or shelf, not on the floor. Once you clean up the attic or basement, you can better see what must be fixed or sealed to prevent a rodent infestation. 

In addition, you should keep away lawn debris and firewood from your home because they can attract pests. These things can serve as shelter for pests until they can discover an access point to your home’s structure. Also, keep trash cans tightly sealed and store them in a garage or shed. This way, they do not attract rodents.

Get Rid of Access Points

To make sure rodents and other pests cannot invade your attic or basement, get rid of their points of entry. These include cracks, crevices, and holes that are at least 5mm. Keep in mind that rats only need a crack or hole that is ½ inch in size to get inside. An additional step you can take is to replace weather stripping and loose mortar around the foundation of the basement.  

How to Know You Have a Rodent Infestation

Whether rodents have made nests in your attic or basement, there are signs to watch out for when you check your house for rodent activity. Typically, droppings are a clear sign. But other signs are less obvious. These include the presence of nests made of fibrous materials or shredded paper, items that have chew marks, scratching sounds in the crawl spaces, attic, and wall, urine stains, burrows and tunnels in insulation, and a strong smell due to droppings, urine, or dead rat. 

If DIY rodent prevention measures cannot successfully prevent an infestation, a pest control company can introduce a powerful elimination system. To keep unwanted guests out of your Irvine attic or basement, you should invest in a permanent pest exclusion system. 

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