How to understand the concept of pip in forex? Everything you should know

How to understand the concept of pip in forex? Everything you should know


Most of you would be familiar with trading. Modern-day trading is a vast concept. It can be crypto trading, forex trading, or stocks trading. Forex Trading is the most prominent of all trading because of its longevity and stability. One cannot be sure about the high profits or high rises like crypto trading, but everyone is convinced of the consistency.

Forex Trading is supposed to be less risky than other trading as it is a long-run race where patience and steadiness reward you. Talking about the small yet considerable factors about Forex Trading, let’s discuss Pips. What are Pips, their role, and how necessary are the Pips in this trading?


What Are Pips?

Pip is an acronym for “Percentage in Point” or “Price per interest.” Based on forex market convention, a pip is the slightest price move an exchange rate can make. Most of the currencies are paired together, compared against each other, and they are priced out up to the four decimal places, and pip change is the change in the last (Fourth) decimal point.

A Pip is equivalent to one basis point. Every pip change is measured in basis points. One basis point change determines the one pip change. One Basis point is equal to a hundredth or 1/100 portion of 1%

For better understanding, if we consider a currency pair, the most popular currency pair in the world is EUR/USD. The slightest move this pair can make is $0.0001 or one basis point.


How Pip Works?

Pip is one of the most fundamental concepts in Forex trading. Pips measure movement in exchange rates.

For example, if a trader wants to buy a EUR/USD pair, he would be purchasing the Euro and simultaneously selling us dollars; likewise, when he intends to sell this pair would the Euros and will buy us dollars simultaneously.

The traders often use the term “Pips” to refer to the spread between bided prices and ask the price of a currency pair to calculate the percentage of profit or loss they would get after the sale or purchase.


Pips and Profitability

A Trade dealing in EUR/USD pairs would profit if the price or Euro increases in the comparison of US dollars, and he went into loss if the price of Euro decreases relatively against the US dollars. Let’s suppose a trader buys the Euro for 1.8321 compared to dollars and sells at the cost of 1.9412 by the end of the day.

He would make 1.9412-1.8412= 100 pips on the Trade. Profits or losses or traders are calculated by observing the currency pair movements from the positions.


Wrapping Up

A pip difference looks small, just a hundredth portion of one percent, but forex trading is a big industry. The traders have established a successful forex trading business by investing millions of dollars in this. They, being big players, are used to making the daily Trade of millions.


Trading in a million dollars, the pip difference becomes a considerable amount that cannot be neglected. For more details regarding pip click the link



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