Shipping a car Guide – What to Know

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Transporting your vehicle may seem daunting when planning an interstate move or purchasing it from out-of-town sellers, but don’t panic; shipping it doesn’t have to be an impossible feat! With some simple planning, shipping can become effortless.

Finding a trustworthy auto transport company is of utmost importance; start your search by consulting online review websites.


Shipping a car can vary widely depending on its type and destination, with price being affected by factors like size and volume of carrier trailer space needed for transporting. Therefore, consumers must do their research when considering car shipping companies by researching their pricing, customer reviews, and insurance policies before making their choice.

As part of your budget for auto transport services, it is also wise to take into account any associated fees and costs. Some companies charge pick-up and delivery fees which could quickly add up – it would be prudent to ask about these before signing on with any particular provider.

Other elements that can impact the price of car shipping include route and pickup/drop-off locations. Difficult routes may cost more, while flexible travel dates could potentially lower costs further.

Shipping a car Guide - What to Know
Shipping a car Guide - What to Know 3


Insurance coverage for car shipping is essential for safeguarding its safe transport overseas, shielding against damage and additional costs that could arise during shipment. Some policies even cover your car while it is loaded onto and unloaded from a vessel; such coverage can be found with many car transport companies.

Many car shipping companies offer discounts or promotions on auto transport insurance coverage that could save you money when shipping an auto. Take full advantage of such offers to save yourself money. You can visit this site for tips.

Most legally operating car carriers must carry both liability and cargo insurance; however, this coverage doesn’t protect personal belongings in your car. Therefore, before transporting it, it would be wise to clean out and remove valuables before shipping your vehicle; additionally, it’s wise to choose a carrier offering both enclosed and open transport methods with sufficient cargo coverage so your car is completely protected during its journey.

Enclosed transport

Enclosed transport is an elite service that involves shipping vehicles in fully enclosed trailers. This type of shipping protects cars from weather-related damage and road debris while adding an extra layer of protection against theft and vandalism – often preferred by high-end, luxury, or classic vehicles that need special care during transit.

Enclosed transport tends to be more costly than open transport due to limited carriers with limited customer bases who can only handle limited vehicle orders at one time. Therefore, scheduling car transportation during the off-season could save money and ensure that it arrives when needed.

At present, numerous companies are providing an array of affordable enclosed car shipping services. You can easily locate these providers online by conducting a search or looking at trusted marketplaces; then connect with independent transporters through this network for a seamless car transport experience.

When choosing a dependable company to transport your car safely, look for their DOT number as well as positive customer reviews for reliable car shipping solutions. You can click the link: for more transit information.

Open transport

When shipping a vehicle, open or enclosed transport is essential to finding a solution that best suits you and your car’s value and budget. Both options offer benefits; choosing one may depend on which option best meets those requirements.

Open auto shipping is the preferred method for standard vehicles. Not only is this method cost-effective and fast; it also uses less fuel compared to enclosed carriers, making for better environmental sustainability.

Open car carriers typically comprise long, two-tiered trailers capable of transporting up to 10 vehicles at once and offering convenient shipping routes with multiple stops along the route.

Some car shipping companies provide open carriers equipped with lifts specifically tailored for low-profile and custom vehicle shipping.

Though more costly, enclosed transport typically provides maximum protection and makes for quicker deliveries compared to its open carrier counterparts. This is why, when shipping your vehicle, many experts recommend this option. Most companies charge between 10%-30% more for enclosed transport but it’s worth the additional costs for an easier journey and added peace of mind.

Pickup and delivery

Be it cross-country moving or taking your car down to the beach for wintertime fun, there are certain considerations you need to keep in mind when shipping your vehicle.

First and foremost is preparing it for its journey by clearing away personal items and leaving no more than a quarter tank of gas; taking photos before its departure also serves to document any existing damage to its condition.

If you’re searching for an economical car shipping service, make sure it has an outstanding reputation. Read reviews on trusted platforms such as Trustpilot, Better Business Bureau (BBB), or Google Reviews so you can see what other customers have said about their experiences with certain providers.

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