4 Top ECommerce SEO Secrets Every Upcoming Retail Business Needs to Know

4 Top ECommerce SEO Secrets Every Upcoming Retail Business Needs to Know

Brisbane is home to at least 1.27 million people as of 2020. These people enjoy the services of over 134,000 registered businesses in the city. Retail establishments are scattered over the CBD, particularly in the Queen Street Mall. But if your retail business is still starting to pick up, it may be too costly if you rent a space in one of the shopping centres in the city. As such, taking it online can be your best choice.


Having an ECommerce website is currently the best way to launch a retail business in Brisbane. It does not require you to allocate thousands on rental fees, and you can get as many customers as possible, even outside your area. Meanwhile, a reliable Brisbane SEO company can also help you achieve your business goal. And if you plan to work with an SEO company, these secrets will allow you to get the best results:


Secret #1: Understand the Kind of Keywords You Will Use 

Unlike the usual websites, your ECommerce store will depend on transactional-based keywords. These are the words or phrases your customers often use when they plan to purchase a product or invest in a service.

Some of the most common transactional-based keywords include:


  • buy [brand] shoes
  • [brand] [items] on discount
  • Purchase [brand] [items]
  • Where to buy [brand] [shoes]
  • [brand] [item] for sale


If you plan to use transactional-based keywords, you must place them in the category pages. You also need to ensure the site’s product categories are optimised for this kind of search.


Secret #2: Create Unique Content for ECommerce Sites

One of the most crucial challenges most online stores face is having the best content. It will help prevent insufficient web pages, also referred to as thin pages.

So, if your ECommerce website in Brisbane does not have much content on the product category pages, the search engine bots and your target users may not find it online. It means that your supposed “money pages” will not serve their purpose. So always make it a point to create informative content, then ask your Brisbane based SEO company to optimise it properly.   


Secret #3: Implement Schema Markup 

Today’s businesses must understand the importance of schema in their ECommerce website. And, the schema markup is a type of HTML markup that distinctly defines an item or information posted on the site for proper emphasis.

Some of the most specific details that schema markup provides for search engines include:

  • Product name
  • Product description
  • Product price
  • Product inventory
  • Product rating

These details help search engines generate more understanding about the product for proper indexing. It will also help determine what your site is about and what it can offer to the market.


Secret #4: Fix Duplicate Content

There is a huge chance of having duplicate content if you sort your product from high to low or vice versa, or based on the item’s colour or size in your online store. It usually happens when the page URL changes depending on the variation.

As such, having two different URLs that come with the same content will not work for SEO. It will only boost the size of your website without adding any value. It can also confuse the search engines, which can affect your ranking.

Knowing the secrets for ECommerce SEO will help your online retail business in Brisbane flourish even without renting a physical space. It will also let you reach as many customers as possible by improving your brand awareness online. So, ask your potential SEO service provider in Brisbane to incorporate these secrets into your strategy to help your business thrive.

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