How to Keep Your Business’s Social Media Accounts Secure?

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With more than four billion people across the globe using social media accounts every day, one simply cannot imagine a business being run without it. In 2021, social media constitutes a big portion of all big and small-scale business promotions.

For instance, it has become a regular practice for companies to promote their products/services on social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. These platforms not only help businesses to grow, and gain a bigger fan base, but also allow them to have frequent interaction with their customers.

However, as companies tend to have a huge amount of information on their social media accounts, it can become a huge problem if somebody tries to hack any of them. Things can get even worse if the hacker starts posting ‘inappropriate’ content from your business accounts, or simply deletes your pages or followers. Just imagine the struggle of creating your pages again, all over from scratch. Sounds daunting, right?

Well, the good part is that we have some useful tactics that can surely help you to keep your business’s social media accounts safe and secure at all times. In this article, we are going to highlight our top five picks. Let’s take a look!

  • Use Private Wi-Fi Connections Only

Using public Wi-Fi to access your business accounts is a BIG no-no. You just cannot afford to connect your devices to ‘any’ internet connection you see at a nearby superstore, park, or bar, etc. Always make sure to log into your social media accounts from your office/home so that you are connected to a password-protected, and secure Wi-Fi connection.

Another useful tip is to make sure that your internet service providers are reliable, and have no access to your confidential information. For example, you can always invest in a safe internet connection like CenturyLink Internet to add that extra layer of security and privacy to your social media accounts. CenturyLink Internet is a top favorite among users not only because of its highly secure network connection but also due to its extremely affordable monthly packages, which start from $50 only. Isn’t that amazing?

  • Set Strong Passwords

No matter how many social media accounts your business has, always ensure to set strong passwords for each one of them. For example, an ideal password could be a mix of upper and lowercase letters, signs and symbols, and some numbers, etc. It would help to keep your account log-in safe, secure, and confidential at all times.

Here are a few other guidelines that might help when changing, or setting new passwords.

  • Set a password that’s 14-16 characters long
  • Your passwords should have no link to your business info like zip code, location, etc.
  • Never set the same password for multiple accounts.
  • A classic example of a strong password: U946*$ak)”//345R
  • Only Follow Verified Profiles

While following random business people’s accounts on social media, always make sure that they are one hundred percent verified and are not fake. The best way to ensure that a profile is verified is to look for a blue checkmark right next to the username.

Never get tempted to accept unknown requests on social media accounts, or to indulge in unnecessary conversations, especially with accounts that seem new, or have no personal information posted. Always do detailed research before you click on ‘accept request’. Be well aware of who you follow on social media, as it can drastically help to lessen the risk of hacking, scams, and cyber threats.

4) Limit Who Has Access to Your Social Accounts

Another useful practice is to always ‘restrict’ the number of employees that can access your social media accounts. You just don’t want too many workers to know about your log-in credentials for safety purposes.

For instance, you can select the most ‘trustworthy’ individual from your workplace and assign the responsibility of managing your social media accounts to him/her. If you are running a huge setup, then you might want to hire two-three people or as many as you need.

However, always make sure that they keep your account details super confidential and never reveal your personal emails, client messages, and their cell phone numbers, and addresses, etc. Just by following this practice regularly, you can easily limit your vulnerability of becoming mishandled/dodged from outside sources.

5) Secure Your Devices

Always ensure to keep your desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets safe from all types of viruses, scams, and cyber threats. You cannot afford to lose any of your data due to any little mishap of clicking on the wrong site, advertisements, or scam emails. The best practice is to install antivirus software on all your office devices. The internet is full of high-end antivirus programs that automatically scan your devices so you don’t have to deal with unwanted security issues.

To make things easier, you can even contact your IT person to install a reliable, and secure antivirus system on your devices. This will keep your information from getting hacked or leaked to any scammers.

Final Word

Besides following the above-mentioned tips, also make sure to avoid clicking on any repetitive popup advertisements, unknown dialogue boxes appearing on new websites, and junk emails that have tons of site links attached, etc. Beware of opening any suspicious links as it can hack your data within ‘seconds’. Trust your gut instinct and avoid browsing or downloading from new/unknown websites. Always take a second look before you type any URL in your search engine.

For more details, you can always review articles and blogs about internet security, posted on various websites. However, before you begin your research, just make sure to have stable internet connectivity at your home so that you can browse the web pages without any interruption. You can read media pitching examples

For example, you can always opt for high-speed, robust, and reliable internet connections like Spectrum which supports fast browsing, downloading, and surfing round-the-clock. To place your connection order, simply dial Spectrum’s phone number and send your query to their customer services representative. They will surely get back to you within no time!

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