Can people of any fitness level kitesurf?

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Although I have mentioned weight and height as factors that aren’t very important in deciding whether kitesurfing might be for you, they do not play a significant role in determining your ability to perform well. What about your general fitness?

Kitesurfing, despite the fact that it sounds easy, is a very endurance-oriented sport. Although most people should be able fly and control a kite from the beach, it takes some stamina to get in the water, ride upwind for long periods of time, and get up on the board.

What exactly are we talking? One thing you must be able do is stand up on your kiteboard while the kite pulls at your waist. To counter the forward pull of your harness, which can drag you off your board, you need strong balancing skills .

The wind can be unpredictable, so your waist pull will change every second. This makes things even more difficult. To stay on your board, you must constantly adjust your balance.

You must continuously extend your legs to maintain tension in your lines, traction on your harness, and speed. To do this, use your quads, glutes and calves to push against the board. 

To maintain tension, pull your harness back using your core muscles.

It can exhausting to do this for hours. Healthy people tend to build their muscles as they go. This makes kitesurfing sessions more difficult. will only help if you have a minimum level of endurance and fitness. This is similar to running on the treadmill.

You should be aware that your initial learning experience requires physical endurance. Your kite will continue to throw you around in water until you are able ride upwind. Until then, you’ll find yourself constantly walking back against the wind, while your kite pulls in the opposite direction.

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