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Owning high-end furniture is a matter of pride for many individuals today. It is the first thing any guest notices. It adds pressure for homeowners to incorporate classic pieces that are the epitome of luxury. Furniture brands understand this concern very well and have started manufacturing extremely affordable furniture like leather lounge suites and lavish bean bags. They add a comfy and cosy vibe to the lounge area, simultaneously enhancing the aesthetics.

Despite it being a long-term investment, owning leather furniture is not an easy task, as it requires its fair share of maintenance. If these brown beauties are not handled with care, they could start ageing sooner than expected. If this furniture is housed in a damp and cold climate, other issues like mould formation could also be. These matters can be tackled easily by following some simple DIY (Do It Yourself) hacks and care tips periodically to increase the lifespan of these marvellous beauties.

Tips for choosing the perfect leather furniture:

  • Look at all the available deals online on furniture dealer websites. Compare the best deals and make the appropriate purchase.
  • The room’s dimensions can be measured where the furniture will be placed. It will avoid any unforeseen issues with space.
  • Decide on the look and colour of the lounge suite to match the room’s aesthetic. Many leather sofas and furniture dealers customize the colour as requested by the client.

Leather loungers care and maintenance tips:

Thanks to technology, leather lounge suites and other furniture manufacturers do not require much maintenance. Despite that, there are rare occurrences where the furniture starts ripping along the seams or gets stained, leading to damage sooner than its estimated lifespan. To avoid such situations, the following are a few care tips that furniture owners can use to improve their furniture quality and maintain it:

  • Before trying any new cleaning agent on the leather furniture, make sure to read the ingredient list. The chances of reaction and quick decomposition is high because leather is made from animal skin. Hence no chance must be taken while selecting a cleaning reagent and surfactants.
  • While testing out a new product, it is safer to do a patch test on the lounge suite, like patch testing skincare on the hand. The patch test must be done in an area hidden from view. If the cleaning agent reacts badly with the leather, that patch will stay tucked away from sight.
  • Try not to use solvents and other reagents like furniture polish and varnishes. These substances can contain abrasive particles and reactive chemicals that could damage the surface of the leather lounge suites.
  • In case of a greasy stain caused due to substances like butter or cooking oil, take a dry piece of cloth and wipe off any excess grease agent. The stained spot will dissipate into the crevices of the leather fabric. If the stain is a little more severe, use baking soda to soak up the oil molecules.
  • If somebody spills liquid on the sofa like a glass of wine that can stain, immediately use a paper towel or a dry clean cloth to soak the liquid. Use a mildly damp cloth or sponge to clean the area and let it air dry for a while. It will guarantee that the stain does not form on the leather.
  • Dust the leather lounge periodically to prevent dust accumulation. Keep the furniture spic and span to increase its lifespan.

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