You can find out what it means when you send someone a color heart emoji

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You can find out what it means when you send someone a color heart emoji

Heart emojis and the significance of their color: Make sure you know what it means when you send someone a heart emoji of a certain color.

As with flowers, the color of the heart emoji also sends a different message, but this time it’s because of how it looks. Right? You can’t always say what you mean with an emoji, but this guide will help you better understand each colored heart.

Red heart

Romantic hearts are thought to be the most basic, but they are also the most romantic. It looks great the first few times you send or receive it. If you’re in the honeymoon phase of a new relationship or want to show your friends how much you care, the red heart emoji is the best way to do it! Don’t use it right after your first date.

Blue heart 💙

The blue heart has a lot of bro vibes. This one suggests that the friendship isn’t very deep. People you see once a month or a girl you always wanted to see but didn’t get the chance. Send this one to them! Use a blue heart emoji when you have nothing else to say in group chats or when you text your parents to see how they are.

Blackheart 🖤

Because of this, this one is the most used one. People use the black heart emoji when they’re embarrassed, romantic, or have a lot of deep love. If you want to use it for your soulmate, you can, but don’t use it for someone you’re just flirting with.

Orange heart 🧡

Honestly, this one is called the coward’s red heart because it’s so red. Usually, this is used by men who want to send a red heart but don’t have the courage. You can use it if you’re in a situation where you need to talk (a relationship where you act like lovers only in particular situations, otherwise not.) Use it only if you have to.

Purpleheart 💜

It is a bad idea to use this too much. Instead, you can see a purple heart a lot in family group chats, but mostly your grandparents use it. Because of this, the purple heart emoji only means that it’s a mess. It means that if you want to call someone’s butt, you can do it without any shame at all. Make sure you don’t use it for people whose parents you haven’t met yet.

Greenheart 💚

One of these is used by people who help a lot. Because it’s green, it doesn’t have anything to do with the environment. It’s OK to use a green heart for people who are your friends or acquaintances. Use it only for people you would not want to accept on LinkedIn.

Yellow heart 💛

This heart emoji now has a very soft vibe to it, which is why I like it so much. An old friend, relationship, or romance can use this. It can also be used when the relationship starts to become more like friends.

Whiteheart 🤍

This one might look simple, clean, and all that jazz. Emoji: The white heart emoji shows support after the death of a close friend or family member It won’t help you if you want to use a white heart to send someone a message about the death of a pet. Red hearts are better at showing love for pets because they are universally better.

Brown heart 🤎

Black and brown people use the brown heart emoji a lot. White people who want to show support to their black and brown friends won’t be able to use this. Just a simple red heart will show your love.

Broken heart 💔

This is another heart emoji that people use the most often. Make fun of your partner if they’ve let you down. Try not to use the broken heart emoji if you want to show that your heart is broken or that your expectations were not met.

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