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Cyber security analyst is someone who protect the organization by employing a rand of technologies to prevent and manage any cyber thereat. Its work is to protect the Information technologies from a range of criminal activity. The cybersecurity analyst is to understand the company software and monitor them to ensure their safety. The cybersecurity analyst is responsible for configuring tools, reporting and evaluating weakness.

In configuring tools the analyst receives the virus software, password protector to evaluate what the company needs and use the tools to protect its information. The analyst need to have a proper details of what is currently going on in the network and ensure there isn’t any usual activity in the network. No  such network is fully secure, thus the analyst needs to continuously check the network and figure out the weakness and solve it before there is influence of any bad actors or external threats.

At freshers level, to be a cybersecurity analyst the person need to have a Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity and information assurance. Scripting, hacking , countermeasure, data management and penetration setting are some of the element the must be required to be a cybersecurity analyst.



CompTIA security certificate is one of the best cybersecurity boot-camp in 2021. It is basically 90 days program, With high quality live classes recording for lifetime. You can access it anytime you feel like brushing up your technical skills. It has 24 X 7 assistance support. In case you have any doubt the assistance are there to guide you throughout the training process.

The batches allotment have stated . The first batch will start from 12th march and the second batch will start from 9th April. The main focus of the course is to produce efficient skilled techie who would have a depth knowledge of secure application, network security device security. After passing the test of certificate examination, the learner will be able to perform tasks to support the principles of confidentially, integrity and availability. The course objective is to comprehend risk identification and mitigation.

It also provide operational, information, application infrastructure level security. It operates within a set of rules and policies and regulations whenever applicable. This course is ideal for those who opt system administrator, network administrator and junior IT auditor/ penetration tester. Learner who want the CompTIA cysa+ Certification, will have to pass SYO-601 exam. There would be 90 questions and the duration will be 90 minutes. The passing mark would be 750( on a scale of 100- 900).

There is not any specific requirement for this certificate but before giving this exam, the learner show have a 2 year experience of IT administration with security focus. After complication of 80 percent of the course, the certificate exam enrolment will be unlocked. The course fees for this course is 27,990 which include the course fees along with the  examination fees. To schedule the test program the learner can reach out to the sales consultant or just drop a request in the support team box by Sprintzeal.

Your exam will be schedules soon after that. If you failed at the first attempt you will get another chance to give a re-exam. But if you failed the second one , you have wait for 14 days to appear the re exams. After the first exam, you have to pay each time you appear for the re-exam. The exam cost varies from country to country. In North America -339USD, Emerging market -190 USD, Great Britain -GBP 201, EURO -EURO 305, JAPAN -JPY 39,756.The CompTIA is valid for three years after completion of the exam.

You can become a security specialty by opting  the Comp-TIA security + CompTIA CYSA + course which will help you understand the nitty – gritty of security and various tools and techniques. Being a cybersecurity analyst will open a wide variety of options to opt and built carrier out of that. It do gives a tempting amount in any reputed organization. Thus opting for cybersecurity hold a tight grip for the future of the information technologies and computer system. It is because for any organizations, protecting their in-formations are the first priorities.

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