Different Types of Stone Crusher Machines

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Different Types of Stone Crusher Machines

Natural stones are essential components in the construction and infrastructure industries. However, because their original form is bulky and enormous, we need the proper equipment to break them down into smaller pieces for easier use. This is where stone crushers come into play. The crushing plant has mainly two types of equipment: permanent and mobile machines. This article will explain these two types of stone crushers as well as their benefits and drawbacks.

Types of Stone Crushers

Portable Stone Crusher Machine

Portable Stone Crusher Machine
Different Types of Stone Crusher Machines 4

The portable stone crusher machine combines primary, secondary, and tertiary crushing into a single machine. It moves on a crawler or tire track to crush materials in a mobile manner.

You’ve probably heard of jaw crushers, impact rock crushers, hammer, cone, and roll crushers. These are examples of mobile or portable stone crusher machinery. The feeder transports the stones to the chambers where they are crushed. If the items produced are qualified, indicating that this is an effective crushing process. While, those that do not yet meet the conditions for use will be crushed again to achieve the desired shape. Following the process, the products are delivered to the warehouse.

The advantage of this type is that it has access to all-wheel drive. It is incredibly reliable for narrow locations and challenging areas, where it can save 50%-70% on transportation costs. It also integrates procedures like feeding, smashing, and expressing in real time. Next, you can combine it with various machines. As a result, it is capable of developing a crushing operation line and a complete demand that thus lessens the cost of its spare parts. It is also portable, so it is instrumental in remote locations. In addition, it also has a built-in noise absorption and dust removal system. This feature indicates that the machines can achieve high levels of green production.

However, this type of stone crusher is a little pricy and challenging to use. Furthermore, its portability is severely limited because it can only hold a constrained amount of materials. In the long run, it may not be able to meet the greater demands of large corporations and large open-pit mining. 

Fixed Stone Crusher Machines

The fixed type machine is attached to the ground by a fixed foundation, which means you cannot easily remove it. It also has a diverse feeding method and is connected to the mining site. All fixed machinery in the vicinity continues to operate as long as the mining site is operational.

The benefits of having a fixed machine are that it crushes ores, resulting in a perfect shape during the granulation process. This type is also suitable for hard stones such as limestones, granite, pebbles, coals, basalt, and other essential rocks. Furthermore, compared to mobile equipment, this machinery is easier to maintain and operate. It is appropriate for large-scale constructions such as highways, railways, and even water conservation. When it comes to capacity, this device is massive, with high production efficiency.

Fixed Stone Crusher Machines
Different Types of Stone Crusher Machines 5

However, this type requires a series of fixed installations and may take some time. It is also necessary to apply a solid foundation for the project to run smoothly and efficiently. Furthermore, it may be more expensive in terms of labor and transportation costs, so if you want to invest here, be prepared to spend more.

In Conclusion

The presence of stone crushers in mining pits is critical to assisting the industry in reducing their work for crushing large rocks. As you are aware, there is a significant difference between portable and fixed stone crushers. However, both have one thing in common: they are efficient, effective, and pricy. As a result, before entering this industry, you should weigh your options.

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