What is My Kitty Trying to Tell Me When She Stares at Me?

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What is My Kitty Trying to Tell Me When She Stares at Me?

Things would have been a lot simpler if cats could talk! However, since there is no possible way, we need to understand their vocalization and body language. For example, if your kitty wants to give you a message, she may meow, hiss, or trill; along with that, she may even occasionally stare, blink, headbutt or rub to make her intentions known to you. In this article, we focus on why your kitty may stare at you sometimes.

However, if you observe dilated pupils (even in good light) that appear like a fixed gaze, or notice your feline pet staring more than usual, or she has reddish/cloudy/milky eyes, then take her to the vet immediately. It may be a sign of a hidden illness/disease. Have pet insurance for cats, so your kitty is covered for medical costs for simple through to complicated health issues. Cat insurance is your kitty’s gateway to health and wellness.

What does my kitty mean when she stares at me?

To understand complex cat communication, you need to know how to decode your kitty’s body language straight from the eyes to the tail.

Angry kitty!

If your kitty is found in a loose and relaxed body posture, then she is likely not going to be attacking you. Conversely, an upset kitty will show signs of having a stiffer body, her ears turned to the side, dilated pupils, and tail swishing from side to side. If you spot your kitty with this body language along with direct eye contact, then she may need her private time, and it is more likely a threat asking you to stay away.

The best thing to do with an angry kitty is break eye contact, maintain distance, and divert her attention to other activities. For example, throw her ball, knock on the door, or toss a plaything, so your kitty goes about chasing it. Once she softens, both of you can engage in some interactive playtime.

Happy kitty!

Check out if your kitty’s body is stiff, or she is sitting there with her tail down while she is busy staring at you. If your kitty is making slow blinks a few inches away from your face, she is probably looking at you with much affection.

Blinking along with a relaxed posture is a good sign in the cat world. What she could be trying to tell you is she wants to spend some good times with you, is asking for your company, or perhaps is waking you up to give her breakfast. It can show a need for attention or simply be an expression of love.

Petrified kitty!

Is she staring at you while hiding under a couch or sitting under the table with a tucked tail? All these signs show your kitty has been spooked by something. Maybe it’s you or something from the external environment that has scared your kitty, and she wants nothing but to stay away from unknown dangers. She may stare at the closest person and move around making noises.

You can toss a treat or place her favourite treats in the feeding area to make her forget about the scary incident. Taking her mind off frightening things by giving her something she loves is a workable idea.

So, if you find your kitty sitting before you and giving you a deep stare, then try to fit her behaviour in one of the above scenarios to know why she is behaving so. However, if you observe any other signs like frequent squinting or pupil dilation variation, she may have problems with her vision. Meet the vet for any diagnosis and treatment if necessary.

Pet insurance for cats covers treatment for your kitty’s illnesses and many other health services. Purchase cat insurance, so your kitty is assured of excellent medical care at all times.


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