6 PROVEN WAYS to make a small room look bigger

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Who doesn’t want to have a big house with plenty of custom rooms in it? Not just the number of rooms, it also matters the space. A house with big and open space will automatically boost your mood. It feels fresh and open to the air and this is one of the most desired things for people who love large space houses.

But sometimes, a kind of situation or our budget doesn’t allow us to have a house like this. It’s a harsh disappointment for people who live in short Kissimmee apartments or houses. But if you’re looking for any fix for it, well we have a great solution for you.

We’re happy to let you know that if you’re living in a short apartment or house, you still can make it your dream place.

In this article, we are going to discuss a few easy and effective home modification ideas that’ll make your home look bigger.

Let’s get started,

1. Use contrast: The first modification change you can do is, go for your room colour plan. Believe me, having a medium or neutral colour plan for your home will make it look even smaller. It adds no excitement to it. Although on the other hand if you use a bright or a darker colour combination for your small space, it’ll do the opposite. It’ll create an illusion that’ll make your home look bigger. In that case, you can use light white shades on your wall and some deep dark colours on your furniture to contrast. The contrast will mimic the looks of a large spacious house. When it comes to room makeovers, changing colour adds so much difference to it. So after changing the colour, you’ll be more confident about the upcoming processings.

2. Utilise hidden storage: Well, if you’re a minimalist and want to keep your furniture slim and simple, then this tip might bother you. If you’re making a room look bigger, you’ve to sacrifice some clatter to make enough space. In this case, buy or make custom furniture that can hold and hide your regular used items. For example, in your bedroom, you can use a box bed where you can hide so many important things of yours. Also, you can use sitting tools with an underneath space in them. Some little modifications and smart buying furniture will value your house so much. It’ll save your space and also will save your house from over-clattering.

3. Use longer curtains: When it comes to making a small room look bigger, you have to understand the core key point of it. That is, you have to play with illusions. The illusions can be created with colours, as we told you earlier. Another way is adding some changes to your window sides. In that case, you can go for the curtains. Curtains are something that covers so much of the look of the window. Adding a long curtain will help you with that. You can buy a light to neutral colour window curtain that’ll start the height from the ceiling and will end at the floor line. The long and vertical line of the cloth will create an illusion to it. It’ll make the ceiling look high and breathtaking as well.

4. Use a larger decorative accent: If you’re thinking about adding some home additions, go for some geometrical showpieces that’ll please your mind subconsciously. In that case, you must know that using so many small decorative items can make some clatter on your space. So as a correct opposite, you can buy some height oriented geometrical shoe pieces that’ll make your space coverup with style and obviously without any clatter. Use colours such as black or white matte finishes. Try to ignore glossy finishes hence it can look flashy in some areas. Also, you can try some gold accents too. The colour gold can add a little luxury vibe to your place. You have to know the correct amount of fair use of it. Don’t overuse the colour gold, instead use it as just an accent if necessary.

5. Use a mirror correctly: Lighting is a very important aspect when it comes to making a home look bigger. Making use of a mirror correctly will add so much beauty to it. Find out the light source side of your room during the daytime. Then make a space on the opposite side of the wall. Fix a mirror in the wall there, also you can add a mirror stand if you have enough space. Try to face the mirror in the other corner of your room that lacks daylight. The daylight will come from the window and be reflected by the mirror. Then it’ll help to spread the light all over the corner of your house where light doesn’t reach much usually. Also, you can be a little more decorative. Instead of mirrors, you can add mirror glass showpieces to the opposite wall of the daylight source.

6. Expose the furniture leg: In the bedroom, if you see your bed legs covered with bed sheets and your other furniture have small legs, it might be the reason your room looks smaller than usual. Not having furniture legs or having short furniture legs or covering furniture legs with sheets will always do the opposite as you want. It’ll make a baggy and covered up look at the bottom side of your room that you never want. If you’re familiar with that situation, you change it in a much easier way. Just start to uncover the furniture legs and try to focus on the space at the bottom no matter what you can do. You can modify your furniture so they can look much longer rather than looking wide and baggy. Make sure that your room should breathe properly.

These were some proven and easiest ways by home renovation experts around the world. Now you can modify your small home or small apartment easier so it can look bigger than usual. 

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