Take The Project Management Professional or PMP™ Training Course of Certification in Chennai

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You can demonstrate your excellence in project management by achieving a Project Management Professional or PMP™ certification in Chennai. The candidates who would graduate from the PMP™ course of training certification in Chennai would be present on the newest approach of project management that are majorly in demand among the employees of the current generation.

The approach of the virtual learning boot camps aids to make sure that an individual’s PMP™ training of certification in Chennai would lead to clearing the Project Management Professional examination on their first attempt.

An Overview to The PMP™ Course of Certification

In order to become a professional in Project Management, one has to learn the core competencies, considerations, new trends and emerging practices. In Chennai, the training course of certification of PMP™ teaches you all of these. Moreover, there is a higher emphasis placed by the training of PMP™ certification in Chennai on business and strategic knowledge by incorporating a new section on the position of a project manager.

What are the key features of the PMP™ certification?

Some of the primary aspects of the Project Management Professional or PMP™ certification in Chennai are as follows:

  1. There is a hundred percent guarantee of getting your money back
  2. The training course deals with case studies, through which it aims to convey experiential learning
  3. There will be eight simulation test papers, each of which will consist of a hundred and eighty questions
  4. The candidates who will enrol in the PMP™ course will get access from PMI to digital materials
  5. For every PDU, there will be thirty-five contact hours

Name some skills that will be covered in the certification course of PMP™ in Chennai

In Chennai, the training course of PMP™ certification covers the following skills:

  1. Leadership
  2. Engineering economics
  3. Cost management
  4. Project cost estimating
  5. Mathematical project scheduling models
  6. Gantt charts
  7. Resource allocation
  8. Work breakdown structure

Now let us look into the benefits of PMP™ certification

With the help of a PMP™ or Project Management Professional certification in Chennai, experts can upskill and increase their responsibilities and pay. Professionals get a competitive edge with the PMP™ training in Chennai in a diversity of fields, for instance, healthcare, IT, government, energy and finance. It is an invaluable career asset to have a Project Management Professional or PMP™ certification.

The average annual salary of a Project Director is twenty-two lakhs. Companies like American Express, Honeywell, Accenture, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and much more majorly hire project directors. The senior project manager gets paid around twenty-one lakhs on average and gets hired by companies like Bosch, IBM, The Mahindra, Infosys and Genpact.

If you are a team manager or team lead, you can expect to get paid up to ten lakhs every year. Some notable hiring companies of these roles are BCG, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, IBM, BOSCH. And finally, the position of a PMO or Project Management Officer, Amazon, BCG, Honeywell, Bosch and Deloitte are the employers.

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