Preparation for English Language and Interview 

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Many job aspirants dread English paper, as it is not the mother tongue of many Indians. Nonetheless, English is a mandatory subject when it comes to IBPS bank exams. The paper intends to test proficiency and comfort level with the language. If you take a holistic approach and strategy, it will make English language papers less challenging. There are thirty questions in the English language in the IBPS prelim exam, ten on reading comprehension, five each on cloze test, fill in the blanks, spot the error, paragraph jumbles and sentence correction.

Two-Faced Approach 

If you are well versed in the language, you can complete the paper within fifteen minutes. Other students may require more time. The time required to complete the English language paper depends on the candidate’s proficiency, ability and promptness. The total number of questions is thirty, but many candidates wonder how many attempts to score the qualifying mark. To achieve the minimum qualifying mark, the candidate must try at least sixteen to seventeen questions. If a candidate finds English is the weakest point in the entire IBPS exam, he/she must focus on it to achieve the qualifying score.SBI clerk prelims mock test will help polish the skills.

On the other hand, if you are well versed in the English language, concentrate on it after studying reasoning and quantitative aptitude paper. Mock tests are a great instrument to assess your strong and weak points. As per the requirement, you can allot more time to weak subjects and solve previous test papers to get a glimpse of the content and pattern. Topics of the English language include synonym, antonym vocabulary, homonymous, word formulation and others. The paper also includes grammar, comprehension, spelling, conjunctions, interjection, phrases and idioms and prepositions.

If you have strong knowledge of the subject, then you can score decent marks effortlessly. Read newspapers regularly, take mock tests diligently and focus on other subjects in my spare time. On the other hand, if you find the subject difficult, then buy a standard grammar book and read it page to page. Along with reading anything written in English, it could be a newspaper, magazine, novel or article. You would be able to construct a sentence using idioms and phrases. For an accurate appraisal to appear in a mock test, nothing replaces the importance of mock tests.

The Final Round

If you qualify for both phases of the IBPS exam, prelim, and mains, you will be notified to appear for the interview. It is where the candidate`s leadership quality, behavior and personality are evaluated by the interview panel. This round is the final testing ground. If you pass, you would be an employee of an esteemed bank; otherwise, start from scratch. Be extra conscientious in this round, take all the relevant original documents, and arrange them chronologically, so it becomes easier for you to furnish the asked document. Without proper documentation, everything would be vain. 

You might have studied science in your bachelor’s degree, but the banking subject was not there in the course. But it must have been a subject undergraduate question. Read the basic principal and terminology. The interviewers assert your sincerity in the answers. Learn to say “NO” in a gracious manner. It is not possible to know every discussed subject in the interview. Admit your ignorance and courteous manner.SBI clerk prelims mock test is available here.

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