Real Estate Marketing Automation Features to Give Boost To Your Real-Estate Business

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Real estate is a highly competitive industry where proper planning and scheduling are necessary to stay on top of leads and generate more revenue. This competitive industry demands top-notch analysis, and follow-ups are essential for success. Hence, it can be challenging to stay on top of leads and anticipate the best marketing opportunities to capture the attention of prospects.

That’s where the technology of real estate marketing automation comes in. Real estate marketing automation software helps you streamline the services and operations to solidify customer relationships and close more sales.

Top Real estate CRM features for your property business

Given below are the top Real estate CRM features that can bring productivity to your property business:

Real estate Lead Scoring

Lead scoring refers to ranking prospects against a specific scale to represent the perceived value that each lead generates for the organization. Higher the lead score, the higher the possibility of converting the lead into a customer. Various touchpoints are used to measure the engagement of a lead. These touchpoints include: an opened email or some links clicked present within that email.

Automation Based on Key Events

Earlier real estate businesses wasted a lot of time updating everyday tasks, company databases, and scheduling appointments with customers. Therefore, real estate CRMs are designed to automate these processes to save this time. Some of these processes that Real estate CRM features can automate include:

  • Email sequences
  • Follow-up communication
  • An enrollment trigger workflows
  • Quote workflows
  • Campaign analytics
  • Chatbot conversations
  • Lead-to-rep assignment
  • Deal workflows
  • Lead nurturing campaign

Some of the best CRM for real estate marketing automation also use artificial intelligence (AI) to help eliminate the manual effort of sending out new emails and bulk SMS.

Segmentation & Cohorts

Segmentation and cohort of leads is an essential step because it helps you market and sell to customers what they want. You can send customized emails and SMS to engage with the leads based on this segmentation with the help of the best real estate CRM software in India.

Marketing Attribution

Marketing and sales teams can easily automate repetitive daily tasks. After setting up social media campaigns across various platforms, you need a full attribution and tracking setup from your Real Estate Marketing Automation CRM to analyze your marketing funnel.

Lead Nurturing

To maximize converting potential leads into trustworthy clients, lead nurturing is a perfect model for utilizing marketing automation solutions. Maintaining and developing relationships with the customers at all stages of their journey through communication and marketing comes under lead nurturing. It is essential to listen to potential customers and answer their questions. An automated lead nurturing process uses software to send valuable messages based on customer behavior.

Marketing Automation

The more you know your leads, the more it assists real estate businesses in personalizing marketing and lead generation communications. But doing all this manually is a very hectic task. With the help of Real Estate CRM features and technology, you can make the customer segmentation process completely hassle-free and segment your leads based on several attributes.

Automate Your Reminders & Follow-Ups

With the help of the best real estate CRM software in India, you can record every business interaction through different channels on social media and emails. You can then analyze it, take follow-up actions, and add reminders based on the customers’ responses. As a result, your customer service activities will be automated using the Real Estate Marketing Automation CRM software.

Targeted Email & SMS marketing

Sending emails and SMS can take a massive amount of time. But with an effective Real Estate Marketing Automation CRM, you can send emails and SMS in bulk in just one click, saving time and effort for the sales team.

Social Media Integration for Higher Engagement

Social media integration is an essential step in your real-estate marketing automation strategy. A real estate marketing automation CRM helps you to track your dedicated Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages and understand what your audience is engaging with. You can integrate all these platforms with a CRM and analyze your lead generation.

Google, Facebook & LinkedIn Integration

A person can easily use Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager, and LinkedIn Campaign Manager for lead generation. But how to get all the data on one single dashboard? With the help of Real Estate Marketing Automation CRM, you can get all the data on a single page to reduce hassles and improve productivity.

Property Portal Integration:

An effective CRM software for real estate offers in-built portal integrations for users. It means a user does not need to visit a platform separately to analyze and manage the data to get an overview of the website’s performance. You can integrate all your property portals with a CRM and analyze the leads flow automatically in your account.

Bulk Marketing:

There was a time when the real estate had to put up advertisements in various newspapers to inform their target audience about the availability of a property. In the span of time, technology has given rise to a user-friendly and effective advertising environment called bulk marketing to help turn their queries into sales. This bulk marketing includes bulk SMS marketing, email marketing, LinkedIn marketing, etc.

Lead Capture & Survey Forms:

With Real Estate Marketing Automation software, you can easily capture leads from your website with the help of customizable survey forms. CRM offers simple contact forms to display on the website to grow your listing, lead nurturing, and clients in just a few clicks.


CRM for real estate marketing helps you execute, track, evaluate, manage, and optimize all your campaigns in one place to get more leads and achieve better results.

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