Alternative Technology Scratchboard Drawing Or Discography

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Scratchboard Drawing

Contemporary art and handicrafts offer many exciting and unusual techniques, such as a picture is painted by scratching with wax. This technique is called scratchboard drawing or discography. The result of such work is similar to engraving.


What is the technique of drawing scratchboard? The literal translation of the term – “scratch” (which comes from the French verb gratter, “scratching” in translation). Scratchboard – is a natural type of print. However, on this account, the views of the various artists diverge. Suppose taken for engraving any image obtained by streaking without the presence of ink, the scratchboard – typical engraving. Like, however, and any pencil drawing.

Suppose we take for engraving only those applied to unique hard surfaces (such as wood or metal), line drawing technique scratchboard – a kind of imitation of engravings, made of cardboard or very thick paper. Numbers in this technique performed slightly sharp objects (such as a pen, a special chisel pointed coli) performed on the surface for painting.


To create a masterpiece in such an exciting technique for the beginning, it is necessary to prepare cardboard or a sheet of thick paper (Whatman possible). Next, an artist has several options.

The first option – to leave a white paper.

Option Two – to make it the basis of color in any creative way that causes his watercolors.

Option Three – good paint cardboard conventional wax crayons. You can use one color and sketch colored stained pieces (you will need a reasonably thick layer), leaving empty spots.

Option fourth-as a basis, and we can make colored cardboard.

The fifth option – to prepare the cardboard prepared in a pattern on it. For example, a box of chocolates or a piece of notebook cover that allows you to test the scratchboard at home, with a minimum of materials on hand.


To prepare the soil, it is necessary to apply wax to it. Do it well can be a variety of ways.

Option one – to rub the base of a wax candle.

Option Two – rub the candle on the grater in a particular container and place it in a water bath. After the wax has melted, the resin is applied to the prepared boards using a small brush.

Option Three – light a tea candle (a small candle -tablet) and get a wax brush directly from the candle, carrying it on board.

Suppose you have previously applied the basis of wax crayons, step wax to skip. However, if the application of crayons seems uneven, it can be fixed precisely at this stage. Try a little to improve the situation with a solvent (for example, take turpentine).

This is because the use of such scratchboard materials is ideal for a child’s development. But professional masters, instead of wax, used chalk, special clay, egg yolk. But the materials are all the same for those who have long been aware that such scratchboard drawing machinery in kindergarten the use of such a framework is not practical.


At this stage, the paint requires an applied layer of wax. And diversity can be here. You can do this by using ordinary ink. Perhaps in the course of work, it will slide over the surface of the wax, and then we need to be patient and put a few layers. There are also options to apply for lashes with a cotton swab or sponge.

Another embodiment is brushing surface – through gouaches. Paint can be any color, and it can cause spots. However, this method is only good if the artist has a clear idea of ​​the final result. This type of etching is more durable, and during operation, gouache is lubricated and stain all around.

And the ink and gouache are recommended to slightly dilute a soap solution (or a solution with a shampoo) so that the paint is not rolled down with a somewhat greasy wax surface.

Finally, the third option – scratchboard drawing machinery means and the use of acrylic paint. However, there are subtleties – usually acrylic hardens the film and possible scratching with slight irregularities, such as scratched polyethylene. In such a coating, you must be extremely careful. By the way, the work surface and floor around the table lay better, or all surfaces are dotted with small touch-wax crumbs.


At this stage, the real magic begins. It will require pointy objects such as a needle, nail, toothpick, disposable fork (which is perfect for drawing sea waves), etc. By the way, the easiest option – a ballpoint pen, which has ceased to write. And we started to create! Of course, professional artists who draw scratchboard technique is not new use special cutters (cutters). But to fans and newcomers is enough, and they are temporary. You’ll scratch the top layer of paint, and scratches will appear white (or colored, if the substrate was previously colored in) space. Naturally, it is possible not only scratched the point bar or piece can also to remove if desired,

Incidentally, there is a feedback technique and drawn scratchboard – scratching dark cardboard covered with top light paint.


If gouache (or ink) is rolled over from the previous layer treated with crayon or pencil, the base can first be degreased using mica (just sprinkled on top and wiped with a cotton pad).

To gouache not stain your hands with vytsarapyvanii drawing up the application, add a little PVA paint and properly promeshayte. Or by drawing a sheet under the arm, supported on a sheet, a piece of blank paper.

And if you want to know the alternative methods of drawing scratchboard and try to transfer to your list any photo from an album, a book, a magazine, you know what to do is very simple. Enable first in Figure tracing paper, tracing paper, and then lightly prodavlivaya, apply a light circuit pattern on your prearranged for scratchboard sheet. And only then was it neatly scratched.

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