All about Silk Saree

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All about Silk Saree

The most popular attire in India is the saree. It is the tradition of women to wear a saree on any auspicious day. It is a stretch of unstitched cloth draped around in a particular fashion. Different cultures have different way to wear them too in various styles. It is worn as daily wear in most parts of India but it is gaining popularity as glam wear or occasional wear as well. The fabrics used for saree making can be various and the most popular being the silk sarees.

Silk is most commonly woven in textures and is a natural fibre. It has a shimmering, smooth and soft texture so it is an expensive fabric. This expensive fabric is considered one of the most favoured fabrics and is also a natural fibre.

Sarees made with silk are a big hit for women who love to wear sarees. Their wardrobe will be incomplete without silk saree collections. But choosing sarees may be a bit of a task. With a wide range of variety available finding the right silk saree for oneself can be tedious.

There are various silk sarees available in the market having different names and possess certain quality. They have different names according to how they are woven and from where they have originated. We can now have a look at the types of silk sarees we get and will give you an idea of what to choose from.

Tussar Silk

They are also called kosa silk. They are pure and they are known for their distinctive texture. They are available in different bright colours and have a deep golden sheen. These tussar silk sarees originated in Bhagalpur and are often called Bhagalpuri silk. These ethnic pieces are designed with a natural motif. They are also found in contemporary designs nowadays. So anytime you want to woo people with something this tussar silk saree can be a go-to.

Banarsi Silk Saree

As the name suggests these gorgeous pieces have originated from Varanasi and are classic pieces. They are considered to be the finest of silk sarees and are available with gold or silver brocade work. They are relatively heavier than other silk sarees and they are handwoven with intricate designs, making them look phenomenal. Their vibrant colours and heavy work make it good for occasional wear. Bengalis have a tradition to wear them on their marriage day. They are made with designs inspired by the Mughal motifs and are heavier than all silk sarees because of the gold and silk work all over. That is why it makes an apt choice for special occasions.

Paithani Silk Saree

This Saree originated in a small town in Aurangabad named Paithan in Maharashtra. They have a characteristic slanted square in the border area. They are known for their kaleidoscope design which are woven into the saree. They also have parrots, trees and flowers in contemporary Paithani sarees.

Kanchipuram Silk Saree

The Kanchipuram silk sarees are soft silk saree originated in Tamil Nadu in a small town. Kanchipuram or Kanjeevaram are the highest quality of saree handwoven. They have wide contrast border and are woven gold yarn. It takes almost 5 weeks to completely weave a full-length saree from border to the pallu. The border and the pallu are woven separately and then attached later. The rich colour and designs make it a good choice for auspicious occasions.

Mysore Silk Saree

The Mysore silk have originated in Karnataka. They are characterized by bright and heavy borders which are unique in colour and combination. They are lightweight in comparison to other sarees and most of the time they have plain bodies with impressively designed border and pallu.

Chanderi Silk Saree

They originated in Madhya Pradesh and are a mixture of silk and cotton fabric. They are sheer and have glossy transparency. They are also lightweight saree and can be worn as an everyday option.

Katha Saree

It is a saree originated in West Bengal and named after how it is woven, that is the technique of embroidery. Katha silk is like running silk embroidery on silk or cotton covering the entire cloth with beautiful flowers of different colours, animals, birds and geometrical shapes. The stitches on the saree gives it a slight wavy effect.

Patola Silk Saree

This saree originated in Patan in Gujarat and are famous for their distinctive weaving. They use a double ikat texture and are highly priced due to their unique weaving. They are known to have flowers, elephants, dancing figures, and parrots to be I their woven designs. A genuine Patola saree is said to take six months to a year to be woven.

These are some types of pure silk saree that can be chosen from. Choosing the right one can be difficult when you have so many options to choose from. You can surely consider the fabric and may also choose according to your body type. You may also go for colors that suit your complexion and enhance them.

Silk saree will get a refreshing look when paired with different styles of contemporary blouses. Choose a variety of neckpieces and different patterned blouses to make heads turn. The addition of dazzling colored earpieces with silver or gold bangles also makes the attire complete. Go for a monochromic saree to make a sophisticated look for your office parties or formal dinners. Team your saree with a halter neck blouse and oversized earrings to get a retro look. Using a delicate bangle will give an elegant look. Now if you add a rose to your hair and red lipstick colouring your lips will make you the centre of attention.

You can also wear an ethno-chic look by wearing a printed silk saree and teaming it up with embellished blouses. Try this will a pair of drop earrings, ethnic high heels and metallic bangles. A statement neckpiece and an embroidered clutch with make you look voguish.

Therefore, consider the occasion and team it up with proper jewellery to choose the best buy for you when it comes to saree.

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