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If there is one thing more common in London than tea and biscuits, it is the rats. The rats are virtually everywhere in London. These colonies of rats have been responsible for spreading the black plague in human beings and they also have the potential to be the cause of another pandemic. However, the London pest control services come to intervene like a blessing in disguise.

Without pest control it is impossible for the Londoners to keep their foods and kitchens from getting infected and breached. The rats have such a huge survival rate because of the sewage system. The underground sewage system is a big colony of rats, where these beasts can dwell without the worries of any invasion or attack from predators. Since the sewage open up in every house hold and every building the network of rats keeps booming.

The Invasion of the Rats into Homes

The best and the most common breach point for rats are through the sewage pipes. These rats can enter into the house from kitchen sinks, wash room, and other similar places. The smelling sense of rats is great at finding out the food sources. With this sense they can travel in the dark and reach the places where foods are stored.  The dwellers of the house would not be able to witness any signs of the breach before a week. In many cases, these rats keep coming and taking food articles back to their habitat. It is important to not leave around food lying on the dining table or kitchen counters. The job of the pest controllers is to help the residents keep their food packed properly and away from the reach of the rats.

The Best way to Deal with Rat problem

A house where there is plenty of food, the rats would keep coming to get more. When one rat is captured or killed another one shows up to take its place. It is impossible to kill all the rats that are probable in millions in the drains. However, it is possible to cover up or secure the point of the breach in a manner that the rats are unable to enter the house at all. The pest controllers use latest technology to stain the feet of the rat and view their paw prints under the special light. This way, they are able to reach the entrance point and seal it so that no rats can use that again. In the case of rats precaution is better than cure.

When to contact the Pest Control

A house that keeps finding holes in the cereal boxes and rat droppings should not wait to reach out to the professionals. Rats breed very fast; if they are not taken care of quickly they can divide with the speed of light. Ignoring rats means they can feel free to take permanent shelter in the house. There are many places in the wall that can be used as a living and breeding space. The natural inclination of the rats is about survival and finding food. When they get these things in a house, they are bound to take shelter in the place. When you see the first signs of rat presence, quickly Google “pest control near me”, and get ready for a battle.

Pests Vs Pets

There are many people who think that pets can play an important role in keeping the pets away. There are only very rare cases where the pets are able to deal with the problem of pests. In most cases, these pests can cause a lot of distress for the pets and end up making them sick. The constant panic attacks of the pets may also become a source of big worry for the pet owners. Therefore, it is best to let the professionals deal with this issue. Sometimes, the household pets learn from the pets of the exterminators and learn to hunt down the rats as a part of the natural survival and hunting skill. It is best to keep the pets away from pests if they are feeling uncomfortable.

Food Cravings and Safety

Nobody wants to eat the food that has been breached by the rats. People usually keep their food inside the cabinets and the drawers. However, sometimes snacking and night time binges can leave the crumbs on the floor. Rats are expert navigators. They are going to find a way to reach the food somehow. Therefore, it is best to keep hand vacuum to get rid of the small crumbs and cover the food with lids and Tupperware so that pests can neither smell nor take the food with them. When a rat does not find any food in a house for many days, they are sure to leave the place and never return. In this case, also precaution is much better than cure.

Pest Control Quarantine

If the pest controllers find the big colony of rats living in the basement or the attic, they have to arrange for a full-blown pest control operation. The house dwellers in this case, would have to leave the place to make sure that the place can be quarantine. The best Pest control in London, may take somewhere from one to two weeks to get the house clear. It is of course very important so that the house can be freed from germs and pests. All the entry points are sealed and the pests are removed from the premises permanently.


The rats business is not funny business. These pests can end up causing dangerous diseases among human beings. Therefore, it is important to regulate the rat habitat. The house hold is no place for a rat. In most cases, people end up leaving rat poison on the floor that can also harm the pets. Therefore, the best way to deal with the rats is to contact the exterminators. These exterminators find out the point of entry and seal it so that there are no further cases of rats invasion in the house.

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