Unable to Open QuickBooks Desktop- 6 Easy Solutions

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Getting errors while opening QuickBooks Desktop? We can help. The QuickBooks desktop may experience trouble in launching due to various factors. It prevents users from working on company files and negatively affects users’ work performance. 

In this insightful article, we’ll address the factors that cause QuickBooks to not open, its indications and the proven fixes for this troublesome error. So, let’s begin.

What Causes QuickBooks To Not Open?

Discovering the source of an error not only allows users to understand it but also works as a preventive measure to avoid it in future. Hence, examine the major reasons that cause QuickBooks Desktop to not open and display Quickbooks won’t open error code below:

1: Extended Company File Name – If the company file name is longer than the limit, the QuickBooks desktop is likely to not open and thus show the error code QuickBooks won’t open.

2: Outdated Operating System – An outdated Windows can easily be infected by viruses and malware. Hence, causing some system and QuickBooks files to get corrupt resulting in QuickBooks not opening. 

3: Improper QuickBooks Installation – In case the QuickBooks installation is improper, it’ll prevent the software from opening and cause QuickBooks can’t open error.

4: Corrupt “QBWUSER.INI” File – If the QBWUSER.INI file becomes corrupt due to any reason, it’ll lead QuickBooks not to open.

5: Infected Hard Disk – Your system hard disk contains the QuickBooks product key and if it gets infected, it’ll cause QuickBooks Desktop to malfunction and result in not opening error.

Symptoms Indicating QuickBooks Can’t Open Error

Prior to applying the solutions that are meant for QuickBooks won’t open error, you must ensure that the error you’re dealing with is also the same. Verify it by confirming the symptoms below:

  • When you try to open QuickBooks, your system lags.
  • You can’t work on your QuickBooks Company File.
  • The mouse and keyboard fail to detect any input.
  • Your QuickBooks freezes suddenly.

Proven Solutions For QuickBooks Can’t Open Issue

Now that we’ve addressed the factors that prevent QuickBooks from opening, the below-mentioned methods will help users to solve the error QuickBooks won’t open.


Solution 1: Stop QBW32.Exe Process

Stopping the  QBW32.exe process will restart your QuickBooks and help to open your QuickBooks Desktop. Follow these:

  • First, reach “Task-Manager” by holding “Ctrl”, “Shift”, “Esc” together.
  • Thereafter, visit “Processes” and find “QBW32.exe”.
  • Finally, select it and click “End-Task”. 

Now try opening your QuickBooks desktop and the QuickBooks will be launched without displaying any error. However, in case it does, refer to the next solution.

Solution 2: Renaming QBWUSER.INI file

Renaming the file “QBWUSER.INI” solves the QuickBooks won’t open issue by clearing any existing corruption from it. Here’s how:

  • First, make sure to have access to hidden folders and files.
  • Thereafter, run “My-Computer” and proceed with visiting “C: Drive”.
  • Next, open these correspondingly:
  • 1- “Application Data”.
  • 2- “Intuit”.
  • 3- “QuickBooks [year].
  • Then, right-click “QBWUSER.INI”
  • Now, choose “Rename”.
  • Finally, include (OLD) without brackets.

 After performing the rename of “QBWUSER.INI”, launch your QuickBooks to check for the launching error. 

Solution 3: Use QuickFix My Program

In order to use QuickFix Program, you must have access to QuickBooks-Tool-Hub that contains several repairing tools such as the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool that is effective for several QuickBooks related errors. 

Prior to using QuickFix My Program, ensure to connect over a fast internet and then follow these:

  • First, download “QuickBooks-Tool-Hub” from Intuit’s website.
  • Then, launch it and comply with the given instructions.
  • Next, finish the tool hub installation and launch it.
  • Now, click “Program-Problems” then “QuickFix-My-Program”.

The tool will take its time to fix the program and thereafter, you won’t be facing the error QuickBooks won’t open.

Solution 4: Create Windows Admin

Creating Windows admin enables users to remove any admin related issues from QuickBooks and allows it to open properly. 

The steps for Creating Windows Users varies as per the Windows version. Hence, check them below:

For Windows Server

The steps to create an Admin on Windows Server are as follows:

  • Start with, clicking right on “My-Computer”.
  • Next, click “Manage and choose “Local-Users, Groups”.
  • Then, choose “Admin-Groups” with “Admin-Properties”.
  • Now, select “Add” and enter a name.
  • Finally, apply “Save” and tap “Ok”.
Using Windows 7 or 8 (32 & 64 Bit)

If you wish to create a new admin on Windows 7 or 8 then the following steps must be taken:

  • First, hold “Ctrl” and “R”. 
  • Then, type “Control Panel”.
  • Next, hit “Enter” and select “User-Accounts”.
  • Now, tap “Manage-Account” with “Create-New-Account”.
  • Finally, name the newly created account.
For Windows 10

Creating an administrator on Windows 10 involves the following steps:

  • To begin with, tap “Start” and visit “Settings”.
  • After that, click on “Accounts” with “Family & Users”.
  • Then, choose “Other-Users” and click “Add-Someone-Else”.
  • Now, choose “I’ve No-Login…” and select “Add-User”.
  • Then, name it and click “Finish”.
  • Finally, under the “Account-Type”, select “Administrator” and tap “Ok”.

By now, you’ve successfully created an admin to your Windows OS. Now, open your QuickBooks and if you face the QuickBooks won’t error, your QuickBooks installation is at fault.

Solution 5: Repair QuickBooks Desktop 

Repairing the QuickBooks Desktop restores the corrupt installation files and fix QuickBooks won’t open error effectively. Here’s how:

  • First, back up the company files and shut down any running programs.
  • Next, visit “Control-Panel” and choose“Programs-Features”.
  • Then, tap “Uninstall -Program and pick “QuickBooks”.
  • Afterwards, tap “Uninstall/Change.
  • Then, tap “Continue”& “Next”.
  • Now, select “Repair” and after it hit “Next”.
  • Finally, tap “Finish”.

Now the QuickBooks desktop will open without a problem. Otherwise, access your company file from another location. 

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Solution 6: Relocate Company File

The folder containing your company file may get corrupt due to malware or any unknown issues. This causes your QuickBooks to not open. Therefore, relocate your company file to solve this error. Here’s how:

  • Initially, access the folder having the “.qbw” company file.
  • Thereafter, right-click it and tap “Copy”.
  • Next, reach “C: Drive” and right-click anywhere. 
  • Now, visit “New” and “Create Folder”.
  • After that, name it and launch the folder.
  • Then, right-tap anywhere and choose “Paste”.
  • Next, while holding “CTRL”, launch your “QuickBooks”.
  • Afterwards, choose “Open/Restore Company file.
  • Now, select the newly created folder.
  • Finally, run the company file.

These steps will allow you to run your company file without facing the QuickBooks can’t open issue. 

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Wrapping Up

The QuickBooks unable to open issue can drastically reduce users work productivity. However, by applying the given solutions, users can fix the error once and for all. 

Furthermore, the content we offer is researched deeply by our researchers’ team and the solutions are tested and effective in resolving the QuickBooks can’t open error.

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