BBQ Pit Ideas That Will Transform Your Backyard Into A Party House

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Do you like entertaining guests? You can have all your guests in one single space United due to the inexistence of walls between them. Yes, you can now accommodate all your guests together in the backyard. The open space is bound to set the mood for the entire gathering. You will not miss out on the party, too, since you can have your BBQ pit out in the backyard. Cooking and entertaining your guests with your delicious food and interesting conversations. Melbourne’s leading tile shop will add a wow factor to your personalized BBQ pit.

Listed below are BBQ pit ideas that will transform your backyard into a party house:

Suspended BBQ Pit

You can have your pit suspended in the air with the help of a fashionable rod. You should have strong chains to fasten the grilling pot to the rod to give a vintage look. It will also keep the well-being of your guests a top priority. Since it is visibly seen suspended into the air, rather than having to look at the ground.

Decorative BBQ Pit

You can have a BBQ pit installed beneath a hole carved out of a table. These tables are to be installed for seating as many people as you want. You can have a long table for housing all the guests or several smaller ones. Pits are to be placed at frequent intervals for a long table, whereas one pit per table is enough if you opt for the latter.

Barbecue Brick Enclosure

You can have a BBQ pit with bricks all around it. Melbourne’s leading tile shop has varied patterns and colours of tiles that are bound to give off a pleasant vibe. Your BBQ pit will be different from the ones usually seen. It is a great conversation point to start your party amicably.

Terracotta Enclosure Pit

You can cover your BBQ pit with terracotta. It can be used if you have a small party to take care of and gives an earthen look to your gathering. You can keep this terracotta pot aside and reuse it for future get-togethers.

Movable Box Pit

You can have the charcoal in a box with a grill lid over them. These pit boxes are easy to lift and carry wherever you want. You can choose from various shapes too. Circle, rectangle, or square according to the number of guests coming to your party.

Fireplace BBQ Pit

You can have the old-world charm in your backyard by having a BBQ pit designed in the form of a fireplace with a chimney. If installed in the centre, it can also serve as a striking ornamental piece.


Melbourne’s leading tile shop helps you to add good decor to your backyard BBQ pit. The guests will get floored by hot tasty food and the elegant looking cooking source a like. When there are varied options of tiles to choose from, it makes good sense to choose one. Therefore making your BBQ pit unique. The marble tiles allow you to make a firm and broad pit. In which wood logs and charcoal can be used as per your dishes requirement. Are you ready to have a multi-functionary pit at your place? Start your endeavour of getting a perfect backyard piece now!

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