What are the best books to prepare for the ACC exam?

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What are the best books to prepare for the ACC exam?

The Army Cadet College, or ACC, is one of the significant parts of the Indian Military Academy. They provide training to the soldiers, airmen, as well as sailors from the navy, air force, and regular army. The primary aim of the IMA is the developmental of intellectual, moral, and physical qualities required for serving the nation. There are hundreds of organizations when it comes to preparing for the Indian army; however, it is undoubtedly prominent is Army Cadet College.

It is important to understand that the National Defense Academy and Army Cadet College have a similar procedure for preparing for the Indian army. In fact, the training procedure is also the same in NDA and ACC exam. Opting for this will help in getting a clear idea of the life of a soldier.

Best book for preparing ACC exam

A good reference book is extremely important if you are stuck in the middle, as it will give you a proper sense of direction. Whether you are facing difficulties in any section or need a proper guidance, these books are quite useful to guide you in the right way.

Moreover, taking guidance from the reference books will definitely help you to widen your knowledge, and your concepts will become clearer. Not only that, but these books also offer multiple solutions on one topic. From here, you will come to know about some of the popular books that you can get for clearing the examination.

Significance of right books

With proper books, you can get a helping hand for securing your examination. Whether you need assistance for a general mental ability test (GMAT), general and current mental awareness test (CGAT), academic content test (ACT), or the communicative, interactive English (ICE), you will definitely get your problems solved due to these ACC exam books.

If you want to clear the exam in one go, then taking the help of various reference books is absolutely important. Therefore, if you are planning to appear for the ACC examination, it is better to begin your preparation. You have to be consistent when it comes to reading books and then comprehend the data. Many ACC books are available both online and offline that you can buy for your examination.

Books that you must buy

It is better if you do not take the help of multiple books for one single topic as it will be a waste of time. Moreover, you will be more confused. Always go for the books that are not very popular. Here are some of the books that you must consult.

Name of the bookAuthor
Objective General EnglishS.P. Bakshi
Verbal and non-verbal reasoningR.S. Aggarwal
Quantitative aptitude for competitive examinationR.S. Aggarwal
Lucent’s General KnowledgeLucent
Encyclopedia of general scienceArihant

Tips to clear the exam

  • Make sure that you are doing proper planning and make a schedule so that it becomes easy to prepare for the examination. When planning, you should know about the time left for preparing, including your daily work routine.
  • It is crucial to be familiar with the examination syllabus as well as the structure. You will get the entire syllabus online, which will no doubt help you properly focus on the important topics.
  • Refer to all the previous year question paper since it will help you provide a better understanding of the examination pattern. In fact, with the previous year question paper, you will be clear about whether you are giving enough time for every section.
  • Learn about the marking scheme when practicing previous questions as you will come to know about the relative marking strategies.

Hence, clearing the ACC examination is not that tough and referring to these books will make your preparation even better.

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