What are the Top-Paying Microsoft Azure Certifications?

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As we have clearly observed, the world is shifting towards high technology rapidly and enormously. Technology has made those things possible, which seemed impossible to create and think about at one point in time. So now, it has also offered compact and easy solutions for businesses and individuals. The business can invest some amount in getting service delivered at their system, which is known as Software as a Service(SaaS). One such way of doing so is with the help of cloud technologies. Cloud technologies allow people to store, develop, create and modify information in a digital way. So here, the businesses don’t need to invest large amounts of money in storage equipment.

Tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have created so many cloud technologies that it has reduced the complexity up to large extents. Those technologies are in the form of Google Cloud technologies, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services(AWS).

All of these cloud services offer promising quality results to the business. Not only have they created solutions, but also career opportunities for people to develop and grow in this career of cloud services. One such facility is offered by Microsoft Azure. Depending on the job responsibilities and individual capabilities, Azure has designed certifications. All of those help the individuals to prove their capabilities in cloud technology. So the professionals looking to start their career must check out the Azure Administrator Associate certificate, as it is an associate-level certification for beginners or individuals who are looking to switch their careers.

Read out the rest of the article, as it mentions other such certifications that give high salaries and opportunities to individuals.


  1. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals( Exam AZ-900) 

This is an initial level of certification that is absolutely designed for beginners. It tests the candidate’s knowledge of the cloud and azure platforms at a foundational level. So, it is also good for people belonging to non-technical backgrounds. As a result, it provides a strong foundation for beginners to develop their careers in the field of cloud services. It is suitable for front-line professionals working in areas of sales, marketing, procurement, and day-to-day business activities.


Certification features: 

  • Azure Architecture
  • Azure resource manager
  • Some of the basic concepts such as High Availability(HA), Scalability, Disaster Recovery, Fault tolerance, CapEx, and Opex 


  1. Microsoft Azure Administrator(Exam AZ-103) 

The Microsoft azure administrator certification checks a candidate’s knowledge in monitoring, controlling, implementing, also maintaining secure Microsoft azure services. This certification comes after the two of the administrator associate certifications(AZ-100 AND AZ-101), hence this provides an upgrade to the professionals working on associate levels. Thereafter, the candidate becomes familiar with the azure storage, computing, security and networking services.


Topics covered in the certification:

  • Managing Azure subscriptions and the free account services
  • Resource management and putting it into best utilization
  • Working on virtual network configuration and management process
  • In-depth working of azure files, azure backups, azure directory objects, users and groups.


  1. Microsoft Azure security engineer(Associate exam AZ-500) 

This certification is specially designed for those professionals who have a keen interest in pursuing a career in security systems and their technologies. The professionals learn, implement and manage security controls, access management. Thereafter they build the applications which are responsible for safe and secure solutions across the cloud technologies. The skills required for the candidate are scripting, automation, virtual networking, Microsoft cloud computing services and their products, and other such related skills.


Topics covered: 

  • Working on workloads with the help of Azure
  • Identity management services
  • Azure tenant security system
  • Networks and container security manager
  • Security data infrastructure using Azure.


  1. Microsoft Azure solutions architect (Expert examination AZ-300) 

It is an expert-level certification. That means that the professional appearing for this examination must be well skilled in cloud technologies and be ready to become an expert. The skills that it mainly validates are networking, data management, budgeting, virtualization, disaster recovery management, security of business, etc. after all of these skills are verified the candidate is then able to safe, secure, reliable Azure cloud solutions to the organizations. Also, the professionals are then able to use cloud systems and solutions at an expert level. Therefore the candidate needs to know the fundamentals of azure very well to appear for this certification.


Topics covered: 

  • Process of resource utilization
  • Working on virtual networking system and connectivity
  • Managing azure active directory
  • Configuring storage account
  • Producing secure data solutions with the help of multi-level and multi-factor authentication processes.


  1. Microsoft Certified Azure IoT Developer Specialty(Exam AZ-220)

The certified IoT developer is responsible for deploying cloud services and then uses those services to configure and maintain such appliances. After deploying, he does his best to maintain and troubleshoot the configuration with the help of the device lifecycle. the responsibilities of the IoT developers include device connectivity, diagnostics, topology, security and monitoring. Some of the other responsibilities are developing and deploying modules, configuring device networking for the Azure IoT edge portion of the solution.


Skills covered:

  • Implementation of IoT edge
  • Set up of IoT solution Infrastructure
  • Processing and managing data
  • Provisioning and managing devices
  • Working on business integration
  • Security controls of cloud services
  • Monitoring, troubleshooting and optimizing IoT solutions.



So these were the certifications that provide a good career opportunity and salary packages to the professionals. The above list is not enough, Azure provides many such certifications in different fields as well. So the professionals seeking this certification must match their work criteria and take up the respective certification exam. Also one must not forget to prepare well for the exam. The azure training programs make sure that you cover all of the skills required for the job role and certification. The training providers give convenient learning options to their students so that they can prepare with ease and flexibility. So, take up such training programs and verify your skills and abilities in Azure certifications.


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