A Guide To The Most Powerful D2R Necromancer Class Build

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A Guide To The Most Powerful D2R Necromancer Class Build

Diablo 2: Resurrected is an adventure role-playing game remake that provides fans of the brand with an updated version of a popular title while also attracting new players with a game that was previously inaccessible on consoles. There are numerous tough foes with which characters can put their talents to the test, as well as a hardcore level that requires players to accept the challenge of having just one life. Diablo 2: Resurrected offers players a unique blend of nostalgia and new gaming concepts and D2R ladder items, thanks to the addition of new features, aesthetics, and gameplay mechanics.


The game has furious action, challenging dungeons, and a diverse cast of characters for players to discover. Character customization is becoming increasingly popular in video games, ranging from Diablo 2: Resurrected to Elder Scrolls Online. Characters will be able to loot equipment that is customized to their class in addition to developing special abilities. There are seven classes, each with its own set of skills and build optimizations that differentiates it from the others. The Necromancer has a unique build that is significantly more powerful than the others in the class.


The Summoner build is the greatest build for the Necromancer in Diablo 2: Resurrected, and it is recommended. As implied by the name, this build is mostly concerned on improving the summoning skills of the Necromancer. In addition to summoning skeletons, undead mages, and golems to fight beside him, the Necromancer may summon hordes of enemies to fight alongside him. In addition, the Summoner construct deals damage to enemies by summoning their corpses, and it lowers the protection of enemies in its immediate vicinity. There are other Necromancer build options available, but the Summoner is the most powerful version of this class available at the time of writing.


D2R Summoner Build for the Necromancer

In order to construct a Summoner Necromancer, it is necessary to upgrade and use specific abilities and equipment. Skill points are earned by the accumulation of experience and levels over time, and reaching the top tier of any build can be challenging. Some pieces of equipment will provide bonuses to Necromancer-specific attributes, such as increases in skeleton mastery, summoning, and poison skills, among others. It is recommended that the majority of stat points be spent in Vitality, with the bare minimum of points being spent in Strength, Dexterity, and Energy (just enough to equip top gear). There are nine talents to concentrate on for the Necromancer, as well as a few different gear options to choose from.



Raise Skeleton – 20 Skeleton Mastery – 20 Corpse Explosion – 20 Raise Skeletal Mage – 20 Golem Mastery – 20 Dim Vision – 3 Fire Golem – 1 Lower Resist – 1 Amplify Damage – 1 Recommended Gear Raise Skeletal Mage – 20 Golem Mastery – 20 Dim Vision – 1 Lower Resist – 1 Amplify Damage – 1 Recommended Gear


Leoric’s right arm (Wand)

Insignia of the Harlequin (Helms)

The Scales of Trang-Oul (Chest Armor)

Mesh of Arachnids (Belt)

Marrowwalk is a type of walk that takes place on a marrowbone (Boots)

Magefist is a term used to describe a person who is skilled in magefist (Gloves)

Homunculus is a type of homunculus (Shield)

For the Summoner build, there are a few different wand, shield, and glove options to consider, such as Carin Shard or Boneflame, but the Diablo 2 Resurrected gear listed above provides the most significant benefits for optimizing this Necromancer build. For the Necromancer, there are a few additional builds to consider, such as the Poison or Bone Spell builds, that players can experiment with if they want a different experience while still using the same character.

Character customisation in Diablo 2: Resurrected is fairly extensive, which is a feature that has been increasingly popular in RPGs in recent years. The customize feature allows players to create powerful characters such as the Summoner Necromancer by combining their own ideas.

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