Diablo 2 Resurrected Paladin Strengths and Weaknesses

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Diablo 2 Resurrected Paladin Strengths and Weaknesses

The Paladin class is very powerful in Diablo 2 both in the early stage and in the later stage. For example, in the early stage, using the Blessed Hammer build with basic equipment can easily pass through various difficulties. After having a certain Diablo 2 item foundation, it is not wrong to transform the physical playing experience. Among them, the playing method of the super boss, which can single pick hidden levels at the lowest cost, is Paladin.


However, the paladin has obvious disadvantages in the early stage, and the equipment level has a great impact on the ability and efficiency of brushing monsters, but on the whole, the paladin is indeed one of the occupations worthy of in-depth experience in Diablo 2. Taking the most common double hot Paladin as an example, this kind of play is the most common physical Paladin play, and many players have developed a lot of improved play methods based on it.


The noninterrupting feature of Zeal skill allows it to try to match some equipment with high damage but with trigger skills (with the effect of interrupting skills), such as using the Phoenix Diablo 2 Resurrectedshield to increase damage. The advantage of melee multiple hits of this skill can also add extremely high element damage to improve its comprehensive output ability. In this way, the physical and element immune monsters are all free during group brushing, such as Shock Wave with high cost but strong farming passing ability.


Zealot paladins usually left-click Zeal and right-click to open Fanaticism aura, which is also the origin of the name Zealot. Note: In the original article of Diablo talent, the picture watermark is inconsistent with the author, please report it. In addition to pursuing high damage, the hit rate of physical attack is also important in all physical playing methods. It is not difficult for the double hot Paladin to improve these two aspects at the same time. The weapon can choose “regret” in the language of perfect topaz. In addition to high damage and high attack speed, this D2 PC Item has the attribute of “ignoring the target’s defense” to enable the character to achieve a very high hit rate in the face of ordinary monsters (Diablo 2 defense is similar to dodge, but the highest hit rate is 95%), but this attribute is invalid in the face of elite monsters and bosses. Therefore, some sharp amulets with the maximum damage, attack rating, and hit points attributes can be properly carried in the backpack.


The survival and endurance ability in the later stage of melee class is very important, and basically, all shield paladins will be full of “Holy Shield” , it can greatly improve the survival ability in the face of physical damage by improving the paladin’s defense value (physical Dodge) and block. For example, the self explosion of the Styx doll, which makes many occupations headache, belongs to physical damage and can be dodged and blocked. In terms of physical play life, it can be properly matched with equipment with mana absorption and life-stealing attributes (usually life, mana ring). However, the shield strike skill can only rely on the “Curse of stealing life”, which can be triggered by other equipment.


The basic hit points of paladins are the key to survival and endurance. Therefore, most of the attributes of Paladins in conventional gameplay are power, wear equipment, and agility. When “hold shield” is turned on The chance to block is 75% when you click back, and you don’t need all the rest of your physical strength. If you have strength, you can equip your deputy with a warry. Its “combat system” can increase the maximum life and mana of characters and teammates for a period of time. The cost is not very high. Players who like single farms can consider it.

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