Headlamp Setting- An optimal adjustment technology

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Dürr Final Assembly Systems in India built products, x-light truck for commercial vehicles and x-light for passenger cars, have set standards for testing in the area of headlamp set.

The headlamp adjustment systems provide reproducible and ultra-precise results with the assistance of image processing systems.  Durr has over 20 years of professional expertise and experience in creating and fabricating semi-, fully- and manual- automated headlamp adjustment technology (x-light).

While designing and adapting test stands for commercial vehicles, expert knowledge and skills were applied. Dürr Final Assembly comprises portal systems for small vans, transporters, and ground-based systems for buses and trucks with up to 10 tonnes axle load.

  • High-precision headlamp adjustment

For the high- and low-beams and fog lamps, low- and high-beams, the fully- or semi-automated setting is permitted by the x-light headlamp adjustment system.

Headlamp adjustment for highest standards

Many demands on testing and adjustment machinery have been generated in a global marketplace by the dynamic changes in distinctive statutory needs, geometries for modern vehicles, and headlamp designs.


A trustable fully- or semi-automated adjustment is provided by Dürr for adjustment of fog lamps, high- and low-beams.

Taking the wheel geometry data into account and combining it with the x-wheel geometry test stand, the lamps are set.

During adjustment and analysis of the headlamps, reproducible results are produced through metrology, i.e., camera-based. The visualization and automation of the complete test system are done by Dürr’s proprietary x-line software.

With the help of a collaborative robot (HRC), the fully automatic setting of the low beam headlamps and fog lamps can be implemented. Above the light collecting box, the robot is installed directly, and they can be positioned together with support from a special Dürr heavy-load gantry.

x-light s

Without the same automation system, the image processing performance of the x-light s headlamp adjustment system is manufactured, which is similar to x-light image processing performance. It is an affordable option. To expand the setting quality of headlamps in small series production, rework and audit areas, CKD factories, and creating the needed documentation, cost-effective x-light is used.

The adjustment stand provides a high degree of pliability and modular design for the simple alteration to meet future demands.

  • The headlamp aiming system for commercial vehicles

At the end of line areas of automotive manufacturers, more than 400 semi-, fully-, or manual-automated headlamp adjustment systems have been installed, providing numerous benefits to commercial vehicle suppliers.

Headlamp aiming systems x-light truck for commercial vehicles ensure more security

To fulfill specific requirements of headlamp adjustment, Dürr built and manufactured systems for use in commercial vehicles.

Headlamp adjustment system types

The buses and trucks with axles that load up to ten tonnes require floor-based systems, whereas small vans and transporters need portal systems with a drive-through height of 2.2 meters.

A lamp box that can be positioned automatically or manually at a Z-column is used to adjust and measure fog lamps, the high- and low-beams. The certified measuring algorithms and x-line automation software work accurately with the system.

The Screwdriver Smart Ergo Drive

For sensor and headlamp adjustment, the semi-automatic screwdriver Smart Ergo Drive with speed and torque features was developed by Dürr.

The system can be augmented with tools for measuring and adjusting:

  • Infra-red distance sensors – using a monochrome camera in the light collection box
  • Radar distance sensors – using an auxiliary mirror by altering the light collection box

Dürr has excelled in the area of mechanical and engineering. Its final assembly units have created products that are highly effective and efficient in their work.

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