Drawing In Cells. Drawing In Cells For Children

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Drawing In Cells. Drawing In Cells For Children: The Development Of Logical Thinking, Fine Motor Skills

There are many complex images, which perform an inexperienced difficulty. Greatly simplifies the task of drawing in cells. It can be offered as an interesting developmental activity for children, and as a great tool for beginning adult artists.


If you use drawing cells, images are always obtained proportionate and convincing. Make a portrait from life, or even copy it to the next photo lies perfectly like a beginner will not work. Auxiliary in the formation of a shared multi-part image in simple sections, repeat the lines within which the power even to children. The smaller the grid cell, the more accurate the figure. To avoid confusion with the squares, using a drawing of the cells, it is necessary to mark their numbers as the sample and his work.

drawing in cells


Any artistic expression is very useful for children. It develops fine motor skills, stimulates imagination, thinking. of cell drawing lessons will be useful to have preschoolers. This approach promotes the ability to compare, logic, and, of course, teaches to draw, to understand the structure of the object.

Well suited to this method at schoolwork, which requires the picture to be drawn by hand alone. Here the child will be able to choose a more complex and beautiful image than is done without using cool drawing cells. The identical is correct of young artists.

However, it should be noted that in most classical art schools such copying is not welcome, that is, it can be used as a practice for themselves, but to give out is copied from a picture in a way that the picture doesn’t need to be made from nature. This level of work will be too much different for the better from the pictures of classmates and will not match your true ability to do the painting without a sample. Fraud will reveal once you have to perform a similar task in the classroom without a grid.


If you decide to use a drawing scheme cells are as follows:

  1. For kids illustrations:
  • Select a simple linear image, eg, animal, chicken, fruit (can be printed from the Internet);
  • The specimen grid with cells of an appropriate size;
  • The same is done with a sheet of paper, on which the young artists will try their hand;
  • Give your kids a pencil and with his study, tell him how to repeat the picture.

It is worth noting that children have a lot of ready-made examples for work with working fields and samples.

drawing in cells

This convenient thing you can simply print out and use.ccc

  1. Drawing in cells for teenagers or artists will vary slightly:
  • In this case, you have a picture (often want to play the role of a particular person, landscape, realistic animal, vehicle, or flower);
  • Grid to better prepare in advance for the film, so as not to spoil the printed picture;
  • Impose a transparent sheet on the sample and fasten its paper clip, that it does not move while operating;
  • Thin cell lines on paper, intended for your painting;
  • Compare how realistic contours of objects cross cell lines, arrange your list.

drawing in cells


The edge of the square is determined individually in each case. If we talk about 3d drawing in cells for preschool children, the size of the modules is to choose larger. Images for kids anyway simple and it doesn’t make sense to use in a large number of cells. The child will be difficult to sort out their numbers and it can get tired quickly. Best for such pictures would be an 8×8 or 10×10 square grid.

Drawing pictures of teen or adult cells complex process in any case. It is better to make the maximum possible number of cells comfortable for you. The more squares, the more they are smaller and the more accurate the result.)


Of particular note is that drawing in cells allows proportionally resize the captured object image. This is very important, because it is not always possible, for example, to print a photo of a large-format, how I want to do now. It’s not even necessary. You just have to proceed as follows:

drawing in cells

  1. In a fitting draw a small mesh sample;
  2. On a large sheet of paper, the size of each cell to increase the number of times, and the number of squares in rows and rows saved;
  3. All parts are done in the usual way, only the line in each cell you have is the same based on the higher.

So, you make anything the size you want.

drawing in cells


The kid is better to explain things playfully. Baby to be interesting, choose topics that appealed to him. To begin, take a very simple image to explain the principles of work, such as a piece of fruit or vegetable. After just a few to do an easy job, go to the object in which there are several parts (animals, heroes of fairy tales and cartoons, cars, dolls, flowers).

drawing in cells

It is better to take symmetrical objects, and the net does it on one of the vertical lines that pass through the center of the depicted object.

Do not force a child. Let him rest when he wants, even if he only made a few strokes. Representatives, only if demanded by the child.

Encourage further implementation of tasks will help color obtained contour images. The materials that can be used colored pencils, markers, crayons – in short, any options that are most like the artist himself. It should even try to suggest a method of application or remedy of colored plasticine.

Children may be interested in implementing an image in two approaches. Grid The technique allows easily make multiple copies of the same image. Make sure the kids work and hung it on the wall, that he saw the result of their work, be proud of him. Praise and attention are the perfect incentives.

drawing in cells

So, you learned how to master drawing cells for preschoolers, teens, and beginner artists. Any form of the working pattern allows even the lack of experience this year in the business to create a good image.

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